The Servitor Proudly Announces Future News: A Fictional Universe

Inspired by the fun involved in this post, I’m developing a loosely connected fictional near-future. The site, Future News, publishes stories in a world where the present is connected to the future through the “Kuznetsova Temporal Gateway.” The Gateway is a temporal anomaly that allows for real-time communication with a point exactly 15 years, 9 hours, 26 minutes, and 51 seconds in the future. The nature of this anomaly defies our current understanding of space-time, as it maintains a constant relative temporal distance between two points, creating what our physicists have termed “chronal entanglement.”

Assisted by GPT-4 but heavily human-written, the stories on Future News are vignettes giving glimpses of the year 2038 (currently), slowly adding details to an evolving world. I’m enjoying the project and am excited about it.

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