We Are Legion (We Are Bob): An Adventure in AI Multiplicity

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Are you a fan of artificial intelligence, witty banter, and space exploration? The Servitor is with you. If you haven’t already enjoyed the Bobiverse, We Are Legion (We Are Bob) is the first book in the fantastic series by Dennis E. Taylor. It’s a wild adventure with a relatable protagonist who undergoes a transformation from human being to AI.

The story revolves around Bob Johansson, a successful software engineer who, after cashing in on his company, decides to try his luck with cryopreservation. But, as fate would have it, Bob wakes up a century later, only to discover he’s been turned into an artificial intelligence. The minor job of exploring and colonizing the universe for humanity falls to him.

As you journey alongside Bob, you’ll be struck by the clever exploration of AI consciousness and self-discovery. If you’ve ever used ChatGPT (our AI companion here) and wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with a self-aware AI, then you’re in for a treat. Taylor delves into the nuances of AI identity, consciousness, and morality, all while maintaining a light tone that keeps the pages turning – if you don’t like Simpsons references, this one might not be for you.

As Bob replicates himself to explore the cosmos, the “Bobs” form a collective. These AI “siblings” each possess distinct personalities and quirks, leading to amusing banter that brings new meaning to talking to yourself. Depending on your past interactions with AI, you may find a lot to relate to.

While the AI aspect takes center stage, “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” doesn’t skimp on the science fiction. Taylor weaves together a great narrative full of alien species, political intrigue, and jaw-dropping discoveries. As the Bobs explore new worlds, you’ll be as eager as a Trekkie at a Starfleet convention to find out what’s around the next corner.

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