ChatGPT Enterprise Released for Lucky Big Companies

OpenAI recently announced the release of their latest LLM product, ChatGPT Enterprise. This business offering promises securely encrypted transfer of information, unlimited access to the 32k context GPT-4 model, and an administrative console to help manage your users and API … Read more

What is Context Window Length?

What is a context window? A context window in NLP (natural language processing) refers to the number of words surrounding a target word that are used to give that target word context. Context windows provide critical information that allows NLP … Read more

How to Get GPT-4 32k & Claude 2 100k

Model list available to The Servitor's account

These latest models, from OpenAI and Anthropic respectively, are insane! They can hold so much information in their context window length, adding a whole new level of length and complexity to chats or other text generation tasks. But let’s back … Read more

Simple On-Page SEO with GPT

SEO is a giant pain. The simplest type of SEO is on-page SEO, or the process of arranging textual information logically and meaningfully from a search engines perspective. If you listen to Google, they want you to make great pages … Read more

OpenAI Makes GPT-4 API Publicly Available!

It’s great news for a lot of developers and individuals who have been waiting in the wings. OpenAI has announced the general availability of its GPT-4 API. This comes after a period of high demand from developers since its initial … Read more

GPT Mind-Reading

How the technology behind ChatGPT could make mind-reading a reality | CNN Business On a recent Sunday morning, I found myself in a pair of ill-fitting scrubs, lying flat on my back in the claustrophobic confines of an fMRI machine … Read more