Quick Serve 2024-03-02

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news:

Apple has decided not to go ahead with its much-talked-about electric and self-driving car, a project known internally as Project Titan. This move marks a shift towards generative AI, an area gaining significant traction. Despite bringing in high-profile engineers from major car manufacturers, the project’s closure has resulted in job losses and internal transfers. This isn’t the first time Apple has axed a promising project. Past endeavors like the AirPower wireless charging mat, a speculated Apple television, early tablet concepts, and several other innovative ideas never made it to the production stage despite their potential to disrupt markets. Read more

In an exciting development, TechCrunch is spotlighting women in AI through a series of interviews. This initiative aims to recognize the significant contributions of women to the AI field. Karine Perset, leading the AI Unit at the OECD, shares insights into her work, the challenges of the male-dominated tech and AI sectors, and the importance of diversity in AI development. Perset emphasizes the role of multi-stakeholder collaboration in shaping AI policies and the necessity for more women and diverse groups to join the AI conversation. She also highlights the most pressing issues in AI, including the need for international regulatory interoperability and addressing AI incidents to build trust in AI technologies. Read more

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