Quick Serve 2024-02-19

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news:

Kaspersky’s Cyber Security Weekend highlighted emerging AI and technological threats in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. A focus on creating cyber-immune solutions to protect critical infrastructure was discussed. The event also reported a change in cyberthreat landscape across various countries, with spikes in phishing and ransomware attacks noted. Amin Hasbini of Kaspersky emphasized the sophistication of threats amidst geopolitical and economic challenges. Read more

Research highlights the significant environmental impact of AI from carbon emissions and water consumption due to the powering and cooling of data centers that run AI. Tackling the environmental burden of AI is becoming a priority for industry leaders and lawmakers, with initiatives aiming to standardize reporting on AI’s environmental footprint and develop “sustainable AI” criteria. Read more

OpenAI presents Sora, an AI tool for creating hyper-realistic videos from simple text commands. Sora exemplifies the advancement in generative AI, offering potential applications across various industries while also presenting challenges in ethical use and content creation. Read more

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