Quick Serve 2024-02-06

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news:

Report: Biden administration funding AI research for censorship tools

A report from the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government reveals that the Biden administration is investing in AI research to develop tools to combat misinformation. The report details a program, “Track F,” receiving millions in funding to create “education and training materials” targeting those vulnerable to disinformation. The initiative raises concerns that these tools could potentially lead to mass-scale censorship on social media platforms.

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Quebec urged to regulate AI development and deployment

A report from the Quebec Innovation Council recommends the province start working on legislation to oversee the ethical and responsible development and deployment of AI. The report emphasizes the need for proactive regulation to maintain leadership in AI while ensuring ethical use and protecting citizens. It also advises modernizing labor laws and social policies to address the impact of AI on employment and society.

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UK announces £100m investment for AI research hubs and regulation

The UK government plans to allocate over £100 million to establish nine new AI research hubs aimed at advancing responsible AI in areas such as healthcare, chemistry, and mathematics. This investment aligns with the government’s response to an AI regulation white paper consultation and includes support for regulators to address AI-related risks and opportunities. Regulators like Ofcom and the CMA have been tasked to publish plans for regulating AI by April 30.

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