Quick Serve 2024-02-04

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news:

Kleiner Perkins VCs Discuss AI Investments

Last week, veteran VCs Mamoon Hamid and Ilya Fushman talked about reviving Kleiner Perkins, focusing heavily on AI investments. They also discussed the impact of a surge in venture capital, along with the challenges and opportunities in AI research talent.
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Do Shoppers Actually Want Amazon’s GenAI?

Amazon has unveiled Rufus, an AI-powered shopping assistant. Questions linger about the demand for such GenAI products, considering the low adoption of similar offerings. The roundup also covers Google Maps’ GenAI experiments, open AI models, and initiatives to outlaw AI-generated calls.
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Diverse Voices in AI Growth and Regulation

Jorge Calderon, managing director at Inicio Ventures, sheds light on the underrepresentation of Latinx/e founders and leaders in AI conversations. He stresses their potential for positive societal impact, calling for their involvement in AI regulation and the wider startup ecosystem.
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