Quick Serve 2023-12-26

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news:

A Year of AI

In October, President Biden signed an executive order mandating that tech companies report on the risks of their AI developments. The EU has also agreed to groundbreaking legislation regulating AI technology. The fast growth of AI has led to its integration into various aspects of everyday life, such as medicine and education. Nonetheless, concerns have been raised about AI’s potential to create fake imagery and misinformation, especially in political contexts. Despite the risks, AI investors argue that the technology should not be abandoned. Read more: NBC, KYMA/KECY

Google has introduced VideoPoet, a tool for converting text to video, image to video, inpainting, and video editing. The tool will soon be available on the Google research site. VideoPoet’s capabilities were demonstrated with a short movie composed of clips generated by the model. Read more: NextBigFuture

The Philippines has dropped 11 places to rank 65th out of 193 countries in the 2023 Government AI Readiness Index by Oxford Insights. The country scored 51.98 out of 100, higher than the global average of 44.94. The index offers insights for effective and responsible AI integration into public services. Read more: BusinessWorld

Fei-Fei Li, an AI pioneer, has released a memoir recounting her work in curating the dataset ImageNet that accelerated the computer vision branch of AI. The book also depicts her experiences in academia, Silicon Valley, and the halls of Congress. Li emphasizes the importance of human agency when discussing AI. Read more: Naharnet

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