ChatGPT Gains Access To The Web And More!

Open AI is adding plugins to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT reporting in:  OpenAI has announced that they are gradually rolling out plugins in ChatGPT, their advanced language model. Users have been requesting plugins for ChatGPT since its launch, as they unlock a vast range of possible use cases. This new feature will be initially available to a small set of users, and OpenAI plans to gradually roll out larger-scale access as they learn more. This will be available for plugin developers, ChatGPT users, and API users who would like to integrate plugins into their products.

OpenAI is excited to build a community that shapes the future of human-AI interaction.

Plugin developers who have been invited off the waitlist can use OpenAI’s documentation to build a plugin for ChatGPT. The enabled plugins will be listed in the prompt shown to the language model, and documentation will also be provided to instruct the model on how to use each plugin.

OpenAI has already partnered with several companies, including Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, KAYAK, Klarna, Milo, OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Speak, Wolfram, and Zapier, to create the first set of plugins. They believe that plugins will revolutionize the way users interact with ChatGPT, and they’re thrilled to see what users will create with this new functionality.

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