ChatGPT Beer Brewing In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rio Bravo Brewing Company, a local business in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is making waves in the beer industry by introducing a new beer crafted with the help of artificial intelligence technology. That’s right – AI is now brewing our favorite beverage!

Jennifer Baker, Marketing Director at Rio Bravo Brewery Company, and her colleague Luke Estrada, stumbled upon the idea of using AI to create a unique beer recipe. It all started when Jennifer was using chatGPT to help her mom with a recipe. The thought of using this technology to make beer suddenly sparked, and they were all in.

The duo spent weeks exploring the tool’s capabilities and brainstorming ideas. In order to create the recipe, they input an ingredient list and let the AI work its magic. Not only did the AI generate the recipe, but it also came up with the perfect name for their new creation: “Alegorithm.”

Alegorithm is a pale ale, making it a light and approachable beer for a wide range of taste buds. Jennifer and Luke were thrilled with the outcome, but what about the taste? Due to the brewing process, they haven’t had the chance to taste it yet. However, the expert brewers at Rio Bravo reviewed the AI-generated recipe to ensure it met their company standards before it went into production.

But the AI involvement didn’t stop there. Rio Bravo Brewing also utilized AI technology called Midjourney to create the beer’s eye-catching graphic design. It’s a perfect marriage of science, art, and brewing.

The team at Rio Bravo Brewing is eager to launch Alegorithm in April, both as a six-pack and on tap at their brewery. They are also considering other ways to incorporate AI into their business operations, and depending on the public’s response, they may explore more AI recipes in the future.

Source: KRQE