Why Is ChatGPT Busy?

If you’re here wondering why ChatGPT might be a bit slow or experiencing some downtime, you’re not alone. The language model has become incredibly popular – for better and worse. Rattling off a few factoids could help us understand why ChatGPT might sometimes be a little too busy for our liking.

Right from the start, ChatGPT had bottlenecks. The AI tool set a record as the fastest-growing consumer application in history, amassing 1 million users in just 5 days. What’s more, ChatGPT reached 100 million users even faster than TikTok, which gives you some idea of its widespread adoption. Back in January 2023, ChatGPT had an average of 13 million unique visitors every day, and its traffic continued to grow by about 3.4% daily. Gaining such a massive user base so quickly, ChatGPT can get swamped, leading to slower response times or temporary unavailability.

There is no reason to think that growth will slow anytime soon. Indeed, openAI has projected $1b in earnings for 2023. That’s some serious pocket change. Not to lose heart though, these things happen during growth spurts. Hopefully openAI continues to grow and expand their capabilities so more people can use and enjoy ChatGPT.

And if you’re waiting for ChatGPT to be less busy, feel free to explore other parts of our blog to learn more about the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence.