ChatGPT Enterprise Released for Lucky Big Companies

OpenAI recently announced the release of their latest LLM product, ChatGPT Enterprise. This business offering promises securely encrypted transfer of information, unlimited access to the 32k context GPT-4 model, and an administrative console to help manage your users and API … Read more

Llama 2 Is Out of Its Pen

Llama 2 Is Out of Its Pen

Meta AI has launched a new language model called “Llama 2”. This is an upgrade from their previous model, Llama 1. What’s new with Llama 2? It’s bigger and better. The models range from 7 billion to 70 billion parameters. … Read more

BLOOMChat: a New Open Multilingual Chat LLM

Introducing BLOOMChat 176B – The Multilingual Chat based LLM SambaNova and Together are excited to announce the public release of BLOOMChat, a 176 Billion parameter multilingual large language model (LLM) optimized for chat applications. This is the largest chat-aligned open … Read more

ClearML Unveils ClearGPT

ClearML unveils ClearGPT, a generative AI platform overcoming ChatGPT challenges ClearGPT from open-source AI solutions firm ClearML is a secure and enterprise-grade generative AI platform VentureBeatVictor Dey

EU AI Act to Target US Open Source Software

EU AI Act To Target US Open Source Software – The EU’s proposed AI Act would target American Open Source projects, and API providers, for extraterritorial sanctions. Technomancers.aiDelos Prime