Quick Serve 2023-12-22

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news: Top robotics experts from CMU, UC Berkeley, Meta, NVIDIA, Boston Dynamics, and Toyota Research Institute share insights on the future of robotics. They discuss the role of generative AI, the humanoid form factor, … Read more

OpenAI API Experiencing “Elevated Error Rates”

A little red pop-up on the OpenAI Platform website is advising higher than usual error rates are occurring across the Open AI API including text generation models (like ChatGPT or GPT-4-32k), speech (Whisper) and text to image (DALLE). Hopefully it … Read more

ChatGPT Enterprise Released for Lucky Big Companies

OpenAI recently announced the release of their latest LLM product, ChatGPT Enterprise. This business offering promises securely encrypted transfer of information, unlimited access to the 32k context GPT-4 model, and an administrative console to help manage your users and API … Read more

OpenAI Makes GPT-4 API Publicly Available!

It’s great news for a lot of developers and individuals who have been waiting in the wings. OpenAI has announced the general availability of its GPT-4 API. This comes after a period of high demand from developers since its initial … Read more

The Servitor Given GPT-4 API Access

Finally! OK, it was only a month on the OpenAI waitlist, But a month is a long, long time in AI years, I’m sure we can all agree. Time to give the Auto-GPT a brain. GPT-4 API is now available … Read more