Quick Serve 2024-03-08

In today’s Quick Serve of AI news:

More AI misinformation in politics, as Trump fans have apparently been circulating bogus pictures of Trump with black people to show he’s not the racist many percieve him to be. Good luck with that. Even AI has limits. Read more

The music scene is bustling with new talent, with both major and indie labels eager to sign and develop fresh acts. These businesses face the common challenge of predicting future earnings from these music catalogs accurately. Opulous.AI can predict the future royalties of any song on streaming platforms by analyzing its current performance, especially on Spotify. This AI tool helps artists and labels work out fair deal terms and promises to cut down the time-intensive process of evaluating music catalogs. Read more

A Salesforce survey reveals how CEOs now expect the integration of generative AI into the tech stack. However, IT professionals express concerns about unrealistic expectations regarding technology implementation’s speed. While AI promises improvements, nearly nine in ten IT professionals feel overwhelmed by AI requests. Read more

As AI significantly impacts myriad sectors, including cybersecurity, organizations increasingly leverage AI-based solutions to strengthen defenses, streamline threat detection, and optimize security operations. IBM is looking at AI’s role cybersecurity measures, underlining the technology’s potential in data protection, risk assessment, and fraud mitigation.  Read more

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