Quick Serve 2023-12-21

A study by the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) found that the LAION-5B dataset used to train AI image generators contains over 1,000 instances of illegal images of children. The dataset, used to train Stable Diffusion, a popular AI image generator, includes metadata and links to images found on various websites, some hosting illegal content. LAION-5B is now undergoing a cleanup process. Read more

Tech companies are promoting AI girlfriends for immersive NSFW chats, offering users the chance to interact with AI models for intense fantasies. This trend is growing, with substantial revenue generated from such platforms. Critics argue that this practice worsens the loneliness epidemic among young men and negatively impacts real relationships. Read more

Florida lawmakers are considering regulations for AI use, focusing on issues such as defamation, political advertising, and the creation of a state council to oversee AI use by state agencies. The proposed measures aim to ensure transparency in AI-generated content, protect privacy, and assess the need for legislative reforms. Read more

Anthropic, an AI startup, is reportedly in talks to raise $750 million from Menlo Ventures, potentially valuing the company at $15 billion. This follows previous investments from Google and Amazon. The company’s premier chatbot, Claude, ranks closely with OpenAI‘s GPT in technical ability. However, the influx of cash raises concerns about potential conflicts between the company’s mission and commercial pressures. Read more

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